2014 Reportback



The Trust: PTG-RR 
Trust No. IT002468/2013; NPO No. 135-315  

  • Researched how and successfully registered “Post Traumatic Growth – Response and Resources” Trust in November, 2013.
  • Found five willing Trustees,
  • We built a web site that has had almost 14 000 visitors.
  • Went live on planned date of 1st April 2014 to coincide with statutory year features for a Trust,
  • Launched FB face book page that has 266 members.
  • We built trust in PTG-RR (later Buddy Care) across a wide variety of media, FB pages, Buddy Forums and training events.
  • We aligned PTG-RR with the Independent Governance Code for NPO’s.

Buddy Care:

We took PTGRR into a branded service arena with Buddy Care!

  • Wrote the brand strategy and designed the brand identity,
  • Build a new market/consumer focused website almost from scratch this time,
  • Launched Buddy Care Western Cape FB page (116 members) and Buddy Care Vets-help-Vets Closed FB page (170 members),
  • Fine-tuned the trauma care belief system by confirming Trauma-informed Care as the fundamental approach but without dogma,
  • Refined the Buddy Care service offering to focus primarily on Buddy Care Forums, on Psychological First Aid (PFA) and Resilience Building.
  • Launched the Buddy Care Forums, have a core group of committed people sharing and caring; found a home for it at St Mary’s, Woodstock; wrote a creed; got us accepted as partners with American “Peer’s for Progress” and Australian “Center of Excellence in peer Support”.
  • We are the South African pioneers in PFA, the only globally approved trauma response network. Got a front line team of seven to train in PFA. Made significant improvements and embellishments to the US PFA course and ran another for 10 people which received excellent feedback.  Made contact with the World Health Organisation PFA Field Guide team and established a healthy communication link.
  • Ran a PTSD course across two Saturdays with two guest speakers and 30 attendees.
  • Got print coverage in Tatler, Servamus and Thrive magazine
  • Got Radio coverage on Cape Talk (x2) and CCFM
  • Made one sponsored public presentation and two to Rotary organisations.
  • Have increased our circle of positive and constructive contacts to include Cllr JP Smith (Safety and Security, City of Cape Town), Cape Town neighbourhood watch, WC Government Community Safety, Cape Town Disaster Management, a number of City Counsellors from key areas, a number of Trauma Support organisations and even some serious Police brass – Hawks, Bureau for Missing Persons, Victim Identification Centre and various cluster commands in Cape Town.  

Continuous Education:

  • Trustee Ian Gross and Brian Rogers qualified in “NLP and Emotional Coaching” through Synergy UK; and “Psychological First Aid” through the USA’s NCTSN; Brian also completed “Complex PTSD” and “Skills for Psychological Recovery” through NCTSN; and “Reframing – a Neuro-scientific approach” through Udemy.
  • The peer group study of Bessel van der Kolk’s 2014 published works - “The Body Keeps the Score” has further contributed to our being at the cutting edge of PTSD thought and development.
  • Massive amounts of customised internet research – systemised and filed – increased our knowledge base and our intellectual capacity exponentially.

The above has allowed us to prepare and test market training courses in PTSD, Trauma-informed Care, Psychological First Aid, Resilience and Life Skills across a wide range of target audiences. We are therefore prepared for delivering training excellence in 2015. 


  • Donor Fundraising
  • Crowd Fundraising
  • Investment Fundraising
  • Did not finalise our PBO – Public Benefit Organisation – status due to lack of funds
  • Have not yet registered as a supplier with the City of Cape Town or the Western Cape Government.