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      Buddy Care is the Initiative of Post Traumatic Growth - Response & Resources (PTGRR)Trust No. IT002468/2013  NPO No. 135-315

The Buddy Fellowship: “The best way we can keep what we have gained, is to share it with others.”

This is a brief summary explanation of where Buddy Care is involved. 

Pre-Event                   – Preparedness and Resilience Building (Buddy Care Mental Fitness) 

Level One                   – Crisis Intervention (Buddy Care Psychological First Aid) 

Level Two                   – Post Event Conciliation 

Level Three                 – Social Responsiveness and Empowerment (Buddy Care Acts of Human Kindness) 

Level Four                   – Structured Sensory Intervention 

Level Five                    – Social Interaction and Repair (Buddy Care Forums)

We follow a philosophy that is generally referred to as Trauma Informed Care

Buddy Care. The Brand

People helping people with practical human kindness”.

Buddy Care is different to other Trauma care in that:

  1. Buddy Care is about building resilient people in a robust and stressful modern South African environment.
  2. Buddy Care is kindness above all else – whilst sympathy, empathy and even compassion are willingly given, they are not always asked for nor welcome. Kindness is always welcome.
  3. Buddy Care is human – it’s about “People helping People”, not professionals helping people.
  4. Buddy Care is a practical partnership in sharing and learning. We all have much to learn from each other.
  5. Buddy Care is a brand that belongs to the participants; Buddy Care exists because Buddy’s adopt the brand and its activities, not because the Brand adopts them.


The Buddy Care Character:

If Buddy Care were a person Buddy Care would be wise; wisdom built from experience, solid education and self-assessment. Buddy Care would be courageous yet prudent; persistent and creative; hopeful and grateful at the same time; open minded, forgiving and merciful. Buddy Care would place fairness and equality of all as a priority;

The Buddy Care Personality:

If Buddy Care were a person Buddy Care would be a 45 years old Mother Theresa; young enough to remember, old enough to respect. Kind and loving to all, regardless of race, creed or religion - with a sense of humour;

Buddy Care Behaviour:

Buddy Care would always behave in a community conscious manner, putting civic privilege above personal gain. Buddy Care is an exceptional listener and a patient friend.